What’s next for the selfie generation

When I first heard about the selfie, I was excited.

And then, like most of you, I got excited when I saw the word “finally”.

I was excited to see the world’s first selfie-making robot (as the creators called it).

It’s going to take more than a few shots to turn an ordinary photo into something that people want to share.

And the selfie-maker is going to have to do it all by hand.

It’ll need a lot of skill, precision and patience.

And it’ll be a challenge to get the results.

But it’s actually not all bad.

As the creators put it, we’re going to see new types of creativity emerge.

We’re going a little bit deeper into a new realm of creativity, which means there will be new opportunities for our generation of creators to express themselves in ways that they never thought possible.

We are going to be making new kinds of art.

The new generation of artists will have to learn how to do things like turn a normal photo into a series of photos that have their own unique qualities.

It’s not just about the image itself, it’s about the story.

The story of how it was created.

The future is going in a direction that will have profound implications for our cultural identity.

But for now, the future is looking pretty bleak.

I don’t want to sound too pessimistic.

We have a very interesting future ahead of us.

But I think it’s going be very, very exciting.