Man killed in crash in UK’s worst traffic jam

By Alex StottThe BBC has published an article about the loss of a family member in a traffic jam.

The accident took place in a rural area of Norfolk, on the coast of England.

It has since been dubbed “the UK’s traffic disaster”.

The man, aged in his 40s, was driving his family’s two-year-old car when the collision took place.

The family, from Houghton, Hampshire, were returning from a holiday.

They were travelling along a road which was closed due to the closure of the Channel Tunnel.

The driver was unhurt and his car was unharmed, Norfolk Police said.

The National Roads Authority said the closure was due to roadworks and other issues.

The road closed in the area between Houghon and Wapping from 8am until 10pm (19:00 GMT), but reopened by 11:00pm.

The closure caused congestion on the motorway.

Traffic was diverted to nearby Alderney and a nearby junction was reopened.