AARP announces the hiring of the man who was instrumental in stopping the Ebola outbreak

FOX News title The man who helped prevent the Ebola virus from spreading, and who’s now in a job at AARP, is stepping down.AARP announced Tuesday that John D. Kitzhaber, president and chief executive officer of the National Association of Retired Persons, will join its board of directors.

The announcement comes after a tumultuous week for Kitzhaft.

He was fired as CEO of the Atlanta-based insurer on Oct. 2, but he is now in his role as president and CEO of AARP.

On Monday, he and a former CEO of other AARP members filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that it failed to adequately prevent the outbreak and is subject to federal antitrust charges that are expected to bring a record number of lawsuits.

The lawsuit also accuses the company of violating antitrust laws by not offering the same coverage to people with Ebola as to people without the disease.AARP says that it has already seen a 40 percent drop in the number of people who are diagnosed with Ebola in the United States compared with a year ago.

Kitzhaffers resignation comes as AARP faces growing pressure to make cuts and cuts to its expenses, with the CEO now facing questions about whether he has the will to remain at the helm.

AARP has already been hit with a series of corporate bankruptcies and lawsuits by investors.